R&D Innovation

Through continuous product and business mode innovation, Phono Solar provides customers with flexible products and clean energy solutions, constantly improving customer value. Focusing on the optimal system conversion efficiency, Phono Solar promotes technological innovation and seek to provide global customers with premium clean energy assets of optimal LCOE (Levelized cost of electricity). Phono Solar actively promote the innovation and development of photovoltaic product technology. In the aspect of R&D,Phono Solar focuses on cell and module technology, system integrated technique to drive the transformation of positive result and research and development. Phono Solar actively captures and incubates new technologies, address critical technical issues in energy supply, energy management, and energy efficiency in the evolvement of clean energy industries,and developed a few high-tech products with independent intellectual property rights, achieving an industrial leading position.

Experienced R&D Team

Phono Solar has a research and development team consisting of more than 80 R&D personnel including professor-level and PhD senior engineers, which account for 15% of the total number of employees, all strive to develop state-of-the-art solar product technologies and industry-leading integrated energy solutions.

Continuous R&D Investment

With annual investment of over ten million yuan in research and development, Phono Solar started fundamental and forward-looking research and development in innovation and application on critical products, photovoltaic systematic solution as well as energy storage technology.

Patent and Innovative Technology

Through independent innovation, Phono Solar launched several technological achievements including black silicon module, half-cell module and bifacial module, etc. Over 20 patents and proprietary technologies developed.

Quality Assurance

Adhering to the continuous pursuit of excellent product quality and the continuous investment in photovoltaic technology innovation, the performance of Phono Solar products has been in the leading position of the industry. Phono Solar has been listed as Tier 1 PV module manufacturer by BNEF. Besides, it was awarded ‘Top Performer’ by PVEL, the largest independent energy expertise and certification authority in the world.

Strict Quality Control System

Phono Solar always sticks to the highest quality standards, the most rigorous quality control process, and continues to provide industry leading products for customers. Through the setup of state-level quality supervision and testing center for electronic control and distribution equipment product in extreme weather areas of deserts, strong winds and tropical high temperatures, Phono Solar continues to conduct rigorous experiment and testing on photovoltaic products, continuously polishing product quality and bringing better investment return and project proceeds for global customers.

Fully Certified by Reputable Industrial Authorities

Products of Phono Solar have been recognized by PHOTON Laboratory, PVEL and Rated Solar Installer and recommend as high-quality products. Phono Solar’s has been continuously recognized by PVEL as Top Performer since 2016. Phono Solar engineering team sources high caliber materials and components during the module design phase. Module samples are continuously tested at Phono Solar’s Testing Center— undergoing 36 quality control tests. In addition to its rigorous testing process, Phono Solar provides its international customers comprehensive warranty terms and third-party insurance.

Strictly Audited by Professional Third Parties

Through close cooperation with international authorities like TUV, Intertek, CNAS and SGS, Phono Solar established in-house “Testing and R&D center”, continuously polishes products with innovation and advanced manufacturing technology, improves the testing ability of PV industry chain and analyzing ability covering the entire life cycle of solar industry.

Brand Power

Through time-tested experience in the past 47 years, SUMEC Group, the parent company of Phono Solar became an icon of excellence in the global trading markets. SUMEC Group owns 17 research and development institutions, 35 overseas companies, and 35 industrial factories all over the world. Rely on the parent company’s strong support, Phono Solar can provide our worldwide clients with trustworthy solar products and project solution services. SUMEC Group Corporation (SUMEC), established in 1978, is a key member of China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH), a state-owned backbone enterprise under the direct control of the central government, which ranked the 284th in the Fortune Global 500 list in 2021.