Bifacial TwinPlus Module

Extraordinary Product Performance

Up to 25% additional power yield benefited from bifacial technology

Lower power loss in cell connection and under shading conditions

Competitive high-temperature performance with ameliorated temperature coefficient

Higher power generation with multi-busbar and half-cut technology

High Quality Reliability

Optimized electrical design lowers hot spot risk and operating current

Corrosion resistance guarantees enhanced reliability in harsh environments

Minimized Risk of microcrack and snail trail

Easy Installation

Framed design improves mounting and racking method compatibility

Safer and easier handling during transportation and installation

PID Resistant

Encapsulation with POE and dual glass contributes to PID-free characteristic

395-415W / Mono-M6 / 54*2 Cells

PS396-415M8GF-18/VH, PS396-415M8GFH-18/VH

365-385W / Mono-M4 / 60*2 Cells

PS365-385M5GF-20/UH, PS365-385M5GFH-20/UH

535-555W / Mono-M6 / 72*2 Cells

PS535-555M8GF-24/TH, PS535-555M8GFH-24/TH

440-460W / Mono-M4 / 72*2 Cells

PS440-460M5GF-24/TH, PS440-460M5GFH-24/TH

54 Cells

  • Mono-M6

60 Cells

  • Mono-M4

72 Cells

  • Mono-M4

72 Cells

  • Mono-M6

72 Cells

  • Mono-M6 (T)